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Combining expert design and high-quality materials, the GM 2022 batting pad range represents great value for cricketers of all abilities.  Enhanced protection, comfort and fit combine with an attractive appearance to give players the confidence they need to not only play well but look good too.

Our mid-level pads are manufactured to match our 2022 product design visuals.

  • 1.75 kg
  • RH/LH
  • PU Facing
  • High Density Foam/Traditional Cane Construction
  • U Foam Vertical Bolster
  • One-Piece Low Density Interior Bolster
  • Stitched-In Top Hat
  • Plastic Fibre/ Tri-Layer Foam Knee Locator
  • 2” Strap x 2
  • 1” Strap x 1
  • Mesh Instep.
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Introducing the 2022 GM Prima 606 Batting Pads: Elevate Your Cricket Game with Uncompromised Protection and Performance!

The 2022 GM Prima 606 Batting Pads are a pinnacle of cricketing gear, meticulously designed to enhance your performance on the pitch. Crafted with precision and engineered for maximum safety, these batting pads cater to cricketers of all levels, ensuring you stride up to the crease with unwavering confidence.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Protection: The GM Prima 606 Batting Pads are fortified with a multi-layered structure, incorporating high-density foam and reinforced inserts. This guarantees unparalleled protection against even the fiercest bowlers, shielding your legs with utmost precision.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Engineered with player comfort in mind, these pads feature a moisture-wicking lining that keeps perspiration at bay, allowing you to stay cool and focused during high-stakes matches. The ergonomic design ensures unhindered movement, enabling you to respond swiftly to every ball.
  • Built to Last: Constructed for longevity, the GM Prima 606 Batting Pads are crafted with top-quality materials that promise durability. This means they’ll remain a steadfast companion throughout countless matches, seasons, and challenges.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Combining performance with aesthetics, these batting pads showcase a sleek, contemporary design. GM’s commitment to quality is evident in every stitch, making the Prima 606 Batting Pads a true representation of their dedication to excellence.

Brand Legacy:

GM, or Gunn & Moore, has long been a symbol of cricketing supremacy. With a rich legacy in producing top-tier cricketing equipment, GM has garnered the trust and admiration of players at every level. The 2022 GM Prima 606 Batting Pads are a continuation of this legacy, highlighting GM’s ongoing commitment to providing cricketers with the very best.

Equip yourself with the 2022 GM Prima 606 Batting Pads and experience the perfect fusion of advanced technology, comfort, and unmatched protection. Step onto the field with confidence, knowing you’re backed by a brand that places your safety and performance at the forefront. Elevate your game with GM!

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